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14 May 2008 @ 01:19 pm
I wish I had a garden. Its been so sunny the past week (apart from the storm on Sunday). I've been stuck in, I've got no money, at all. Can't wait to get paid Friday. I had to live on £300s for a month, including a trip to London. It may sound good but I owe my mother over double that.

I really can't be arsed with this now, think I may lie down before i get ready for work.
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15 February 2007 @ 09:55 pm
I really dont know shy i have this thing anymore - its not like i ever update it. Nothing ever really happens and i doubt most who read this even care anymore.

Am too tired to type, it was my first day back in work - it was ok. Nothing special. Now am gonna go watch season 3 of 24 while i do my hair. I have to be up early tomorrow for more work - I hate being adult.
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29 June 2006 @ 11:38 am
I go away tomorrow!!!!



Ive still so much to do!
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04 June 2006 @ 09:38 pm
So ive not updated in forever which is really naughty of me. But i do have my reasons.

Working: I've done alot of overtime to try and save up money for my holiday, i fly out the 30th of June and i only get paid once more on the 16th June so i kinda need all the money i can get my hands on. Am so worried that i wont have enough, epsecially as i've still got insurance to pay for. It doesn't help me save tho when i keep seeing thing that i want like DVDs and Cds and Clothes... i've spent like £150 on clothes already!! To be fair tho i was in need of some new stuff, i've lost weight and gone from and20/18 to a 14/16 which has been really good and given me lots of confidence (so much confidence that i've spent like £40 on thongs!

Nights out/Parties: I've had a few good nights out and a few good nights in. The nights in were ok, i provided cheap wine for everyone to drink cause am cheap! Katies girls night in was the best, there was tears and laughter and it gave me the chance to get to know some one i bit better (not in that way tho) Last Friday i went out with an old school Trisha, we'd known each other through out primary school and secondary school. after we left school we went our seperate ways, i saw her a few months in to college and i blanked her for no reason which i apologised for last week. I saw her a few months ago whilst i was working and to my surprise she was pregant, shes since had the baby, a gorgeous little girl called Grace and now we talk and everything like nothings changed. We went out for a girls night out and i intended to make sure she had a good time because it was like the first time she'd been out since Grace was born, and she did! Last Sunday i went out for a meal with Lorraine and friends because it was Lorraines birthday. We went the sing ping for a meal with girls from work and Lorraines mates Emily and Lea. After the meal we went to St Helens, only Chicago Rock and Nexus. I had a good time and i wore a white dress! Lorraine introduced me to Emilys work mate in Nexus, a guy called Chris, we hit it off and like most guys he found out the best way to make me melt is to pay me lots of compliments, needless to say things got a little bit carried away although the details are a bit fuzzy (i'd been drinking shots and tubes all night!) I do know that he gave me his number and i texted him straight away infront of him and said 'its up to you to text me now!' ... he didnt text not that i care to much, i had a good time and thats all i wanted. 

Illness: So i have this whole periodic syndrome thing which i think basically means i get really sick and and get bad pains when Aunt Rose visits (that would be the nice way of putting it). I went to Drs and he just gave me painkillers which helped me a little. I could just manage to get in to work because id had alot of time off with i was on (and still am on) a written warning. About 2 Mondays ago though, the pain got really bad to point where i was near collapsing in pain. Id taken the painkillers and they didnt work, so i took some more and it still never did anything, i'd ended up mixing painkillers which was stupid but it knocked me out to sleep for a few hours. I went back to the Drs last week and ended up seeing the nurse. I wasnt happy with the fact that shes putting me on the pill, in fact i nearly cried. But anything to help the pain...

TV/Laziness: To try and stop myself from spending my money i decided to watch all my TV DVDs, i watched all of Family Guy, Scrubs and has just started watching the OC again when the worst thing ever happened. I was in Home and Bargin and saw Season 2 of 24 for £2 on tape. I'd wanted to watch 24 for a while but i wanted to start at the beginging (like seaon 1 or 2) and i didnt want to spend alot of money on the DVDs incase i didn't like, so am watch season 2 of 24 and  i love it, really love. I've even got Jimmy watching it am trying to get him to shout 'Yay Jack' at the tele. Infact i think am gonna so and watch the last 3 hours!

So i think ive pretty much covered everything. Its been a pretty busy/random few weeks, with alot of old faces popping up such as Jen and Sarah Whitfield. And shocking news John McCardle by college 'brother' is now my 'boyfriend' and were 'engaged' (long story to do with stalker!)
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10 April 2006 @ 10:26 pm
So its been a pretty busy and horrible few days.

My little baby was taken in to hospital last Saturday, turns out he had meningitis but it was caught in time for anit-biotics to work effectivly and he has now made a healthy recovery!

As for me i've been pretty ill myself, am picking up now like but there will be more about that later as am completely exhausted... again
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09 March 2006 @ 02:54 pm
I am so not well. Last thursday i was fine untill i started throwing up. I was sick all night so i took Friday off work. Now am gonna pay for it. I have to have an attendance review and ill probably get a written warning. (I already have a verbal from the New Year)

Its so unfair. Also i cant get my holiday dates off work so now i have to mess around and shift swap because am not losing out on nearly £300 plus ive never been on a holiday before (the type where theres sun and you get to go on a plane).

Lifes just really crappy right now
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21 February 2006 @ 03:04 pm
i am really really tired.

Theres so much to talk about but i dont know where to begin, mostly guy problems from saturday night but i dont know where to begin talking about it (although i will say that i am now too scared to turn my phone for fear of getting a flirty text off the wrong person!).

Any way some important news, am gonna give up smoking... no seriously i am. Am gonna do it slowly tho, try cut down first and then cut it out.

Work has been alright cept for a few little incidents that i wont go in to as am trying to keep in a good mood.

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15 February 2006 @ 02:54 pm
Thats right am back at work today, am actually leaving ours in the next 10 minutes so i best start getting my stuff together!

Is weird that am nervous?
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04 February 2006 @ 03:39 pm
So we were in this club called Billie Rox and it was actually a pretty nice place, they had this big stage with two DJs i guess they were, they where running about dancing and getting the crowd involved in stuff, after being in there for half an hour they where asking people to come to the stage area. So Kaylee drage me over, they asked for a guy and a girl to volenteer and get up on stage, first they picked a guy called Dave, i think that was his name, it begin with D anyway cause they small DJ was saying Disco to him next the picked the girl, there was a load of girls screaming to get myself included and the one who got picked was... ME!

So i get up on stage throw my bag to Kaylee and i sat down, the feeling was just brilliant i got such a rush! We had to this challenge thing, me and dave sat on a stool facing each other, with another stool between us acting like a table, two boxes of eggs where put on the table, so there was 12 eggs altogether. 1 egg in each box was normal, the rest where hard boiled. The first person to smash a normal egg on the other persons head won, if the guy one all males get the drinks half price, if the i one all girls get the half price drinks.

So the guy Dave goes first, he picks an egg up and smashes it over my head - Hard boiled, my turn, i pick an egg up and slam it on the guys head - heard boiled, am there looking at me mates sreaming with joy and there shouting my name, some other people i didn't know followed them shouting my name it was just BRILLIANT, when we each had 3 eggs left the boxes got switched. So its Daves turn we have 2 eggs left now he picks an egg up and smashes it on my head, i had egg running down my face all in my new hair! He jumps up and hes like cheering, i get my remaing 2 eggs, one gets thrown against the back wall and the other goes on the small DJs head. Everyone cheers, i put my arms up as if id won and i get led off stage in to the back area where i can get cleaned up.

In the back i lean over a shower and wash my hair, the small DJ is like your such a good sport and am there buzzing with joy, i get told, ive got a bottle champagne now and theres another one later. Am all like 'great but can you shout out Linzi from liverpool shes 19' and he likes yeah sure so he leads me to the front shouts out to Linzi and i pass her the champagne, we get some glasses and i had 2 glasses and after i was gone drunk.

After that the ngiht turned in to a blur i can remember getting my second bottle before i left and i got a shout out. The female bouncer told me to watch myself with on the street. Walking for like half an hours to get the mini bus.

Oh and because i had to wash egg out my hair it went curly, like really curly, everyone said it looked nice.

Thats all i really remember...

This morning my dad wasn't impressed when he found out, but my mum was actually pleased for some reason, she was like 'well good on you! at least you had fun night out for a change'

So thats my little adventure, now am going to have a pot noodle cause am starving!
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04 February 2006 @ 12:13 pm
Woo Machester was ace last night. Managed to win 2 bottles of bubbly, although i won it by losing a game!

Day started off with me getting a haircut and some highlights, looked so different, then i just waited round the house for abit downloading and sending songs to Becks over MSN. Had to set up the new computor monitor and keyboard, tho it took longer than i expected cause all the wires where messed up. So i finally started to get ready and i was convinced i wouldnt be ready in time but some how i managed to make it in time to the meeting point. Had to wait half an hour then for kaylee to get ready and for laine to pick us up.

Got to the real meeting place and just as we got there the minibus pulled up, managed to get a quick vodka coke and take my tights off cause i my feet where slipping in my shoes. So we get on the minibus where i get phonecall from an old mate so we had a good chinwag. And then by no time we where in manchester, i swear it felt like we had only just started off and then we were there!

So we got in to manchester and the first thing we do is go on this big massive wheel thing like the london eye, for some reason i got stuck with everyone who was afraid of heights, it didnt bother me being up that high, i liked it infact i was just sat their looking out the window and looking down and stuff.

So after that we went to norwegian blue which was alright, there was a really wierd guy that was freaking me out, he got behind me and was trying to put his arms round me luckily kaylee pulled me away then he tried to the same to laura untill i pulled her away. He pissed off after that which was fantastic cause we could have a girly laugh then.

We left NB and went to Lloyds Bar, we didnt stay there too long, we just got a drink found some seats upstairs and got complimented in toilets off some old women who we like 'ahh look, scousers, i love your accent' which was really sweet, i started teaching some one how to speak scouse it was quite fun.

We left LB to go to Tiger Tiger but we all got IDed and then told we weren't allowed in as where under 21! So we weren't too happy about that, we had to walk for ages untill we found a Burger King, and everyone got food cept me and laura. After that we went on another long walk to Yates were we got Ided again and one girl didnt have id so we didnt go in, we found this other place called Billie roxs which was when the real fun started...

How ever am bored, in need of a shower and a smoke so i'll shall tell you all the rest later.
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